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Expinex excels in solving complex business challenges using thought
process and technology solutions.

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We are working to make your business smarter at Expinex, We have dedicated
experienced IT professional team to grow your business solutions within the time frame
in view of commercial considerations that helps you achieve your goals and improve
your business world wide.

Why to choose Expinex

We are a team of professionals, creative, dedicated and open-minded. Proactive attitude drives us forward, it forces us to see things differently and boosts new ways of thinking. We have to be just as skillful at identifying new business opportunities for our clients as we are for ourselves, so understanding needs and specifics of our clients' business is vital for us.

What we do?

Our major business areas are software products development and support, custom software development and IT consulting.


Expinex helps the clients choose the right java architecture following tried and tested approaches to build robust and scalable java application.


Expinex provides companies with mobile app development services for mobile enablement of enterprise-grade mobile solutions.

Out Sourcing

Expinex's flexible outsourcing model delivers people, processes and systems which are fully scalable to support our clients business operations and growth.


Expinex provides robust, scalable and secure software design that uses .NET development solutions to our customers.

Some References

  • Author image
    "Throughout his carrier, Ufuk served as a C-level executive in several companies in the States, France and Turkey. He teached at Bogazici University and published more than 400 works. He was a board member at Transparency International. Ufuk served as the Vice president of ODTU Teknokent (Middle East Technical University Technopark). "
    " He also recently founded the Expinex. Ufuk is an alumnus of Robert College, Bogazici University and Clemson University."
    Ufuk Batum - Acting General Manager
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    "If you are looking for a good technical work, Expinex is an answer. Good engineering practices are being followed. You get guidance from senior people and technical architects. There is a group called TCOE (Technology Centre of Excellence) which creates awareness about latest technology and also provides guidance on latest trends, architectures, design patters, good engineering practices."
    Maciej Zawadzinski - Piwik CEO
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    "The most important added value from Expinex for us was their flexibility. They are also absolutely results-oriented, and they always place customer satisfaction ahead of revenue, which is something you don't see often with technology vendors."
    Nima Asrar Haghighi - MuleSoft